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Talent Concept
Talent Strategy
Character first, moderate ability, and obedience to the team.
Continuously explore, develop, and innovate a hugely attractive organizational system and organizational culture;
turn ordinary people into excellent people, and excellent people into outstanding people;
help people Realize your life dream here.
Basic values
Establish a scientific and systematic human resource management system and a competitive market-based salary system, create a talent growth environment and working atmosphere that respects human value, develops human potential, and sublimates people’s minds, through continuous absorption, training and motivation in the country Outstanding talents representing the advanced level of the flexible packaging material industry provide human resources guarantee for the promotion and realization of the company's strategy and maximize the value of employees.
  • people oriented
  • Know people and make good use of
  • Performance-led
  • Integrity first
  • Focus on training
Selection criteria
We care about employees:
Integrity, professionalism, team spirit, hard work, innovation, and personal growth
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