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CHENGDU FULINDA  NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD.is a functionalized film flexible packaging material manufacturing enterprise formed by Chengdu Fuquan Packaging Material Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Zhilin Packaging Material Co., Ltd. in August 2010 through complementary advantages and strong alliances. The company is located in the northern part of Chengdu Modern Industrial Port, Pidu District, with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. It has domestic advanced technology and equipment. It is a high-quality and functional film supplier in the field of flexible plastic packaging and has won the top ten in the national aluminized film and PVDC film industries. Strong enterprise title.
60million yuan
Registered capital
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Address: No. 633, Gangtong North 2 Road, Modern Industrial Gangbei District, Pixian County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
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